Nov 6, 2021
Orange County


AltaMed Food and Wine Festival is a destination event attracting high-profile members of the wine and culinary trades as well as affluent consumers. In addition to increasing your company’s profile among this key demographic, a partnership with the event will also allow your restaurant or winery to:
  • Broaden the market’s awareness of your restaurant or winery.
  • Reinforce the loyalty of current consumers.
  • Gain quality customers.
  • Increase exposure among food, wine and lifestyle media.
  • Facilitate a market assessment of your product by sampling.
  • According to the Cone/Roper Report, consumers are more likely to switch to a sponsor’s brand if that sponsor supports a local event or cause.
AltaMed Food and Wine Festival’s success has been due to the generosity of the wineries and restaurants who donate the wine and food thousands come to taste annually. Together we look forward to producing a wonderful evening that will benefit AltaMed Health Services and our programs. For more information or to be a vendor at the event:

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email. Another email will follow within a week indicating the status of your application.