July 26-28, 2018

Los Angeles & Orange County


AltaMed Food and Wine Festival is a destination event attracting high-profile members of the wine and culinary trades as well as affluent consumers. In addition to increasing your company’s profile among this key demographic, a partnership with the event will also allow your restaurant or winery to:

  • Broaden the market’s awareness of your restaurant or winery.
  • Reinforce the loyalty of current consumers.
  • Gain quality customers.
  • Increase exposure among food, wine and lifestyle media.
  • Facilitate a market assessment of your product by sampling.
  • According to the Cone/Roper Report, consumers are more likely to switch to a sponsor’s brand if that sponsor supports a local event or cause.

AltaMed Food and Wine Festival’s success has been due to the generosity of the wineries and restaurants who donate the wine and food thousands come to taste annually. Together we look forward to producing a wonderful evening that will benefit AltaMed Health Services and our programs.

For more information or to be a vendor at the event:

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email. Another email will follow within a week indicating the status of your application.

Media Exposure:


Celebrity chefs from the FOOD Network, Bravo and Top Chef have named our event the “Premier Latino wine and food event in the United States”

  • Professional athletes, actors, models and celebrity musicians support AltaMed and our fundraising efforts by attending the AltaMed Food and Wine Festival. Over 20 celebrities were in attendance in 2017.
  • The event has been featured in media platforms as diverse as Telemundo, Univision, La Opinión, TLA, Good Day LA, the Fork Report, Angeleno Magazine, LA Weekly and many more.
  • In 2017, the @FoodWineFestival Instagram page had a follower increase rate of 300% and an average post performance of 61.6 likes.
  • In 2017, the AltaMed Food and Wine Festival Facebook page had a reach of over 300,000 people.
  • In 2017, AltaMedFoodWine social media impressions doubled to 1.73 million.
  • In 2017, the AltaMedFoodWine.org website was visited over 10,000 times.
  • YouTube videos featuring participating chefs and vintners had over 2,000 views.
  • 90% of the attendees downloaded the festival app.
  • 80% of those who downloaded the app visited the Restaurant and Winery section.
  • The event averages over 30 million media impressions annually through print, social media, TV and radio.
  • In 2017, over 40 stories were featured in prominent publications such as NBC 4, Daily News, Time Out Los Angeles, HOY and others, garnering more than 19,308,517 impressions to date Guest Demographics.
  • The median age of attendees is 30–50 years old.
  • Median household income is $150,000.
  • Of the 2,000 guests in attendance, 52% are male and 48% are female.
  • Attendees consider themselves connoisseurs of fine wine and food.
  • Attendees frequent fine dining establishments five to seven times per month.
  • Attendees purchase an average of one to two cases of wine per month.
  • The attendee rate has grown at an average rate of 10% each year. In 2017, attendance increased by a full 30%.