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Los Angeles & Orange County

About AltaMed

AltaMed Health Services has a long history of delivering quality care to underserved communities. The organization was founded in 1969 as the East Los Angeles Barrio Free Clinic, a volunteer-staffed operation serving the uninsured and underinsured. It has since grown from a small storefront into the largest independent Federally Qualified Health Center in the U.S. AltaMed currently operates 46 sites throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Its services have also expanded through the years. By promoting regular and continuous care from birth through the senior years, regardless of ability to pay, AltaMed provides patients with greater health outcomes, reduced health care disparities, improved prevention and healthy living. Each year AltaMed serves over 200,000 individuals and completes more than 1.2 million patient visits.

AltaMed was founded on the premise that access to quality health care is vital to building strong communities. That belief inspired us when we first opened our doors nearly 50 years ago and it lives on as we’ve grown to serve dozens of communities and more than 200,000 patients across Southern California. The unyielding efforts of the entire AltaMed team will continue to drive our growth in the years ahead. As our communities evolve and expand, we are advancing pioneering a new generation of care with an innovative, patient-focused network that is delivered with abundant respect. With continued hard work and help from committed partners like you, our motto “Quality Care Without Exception” will be attainable for vast numbers of people across Los Angeles and Orange counties.

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